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» the floor to be sent

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Wys豉ny: 2017-12-07, 10:07:11

installation process, wood floor installation can be a major project, because before starting the other aspects of the device, the wooden floor to install the foundation will be laid, to be firmly solid. The following Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the summer decoration wood floor installation precautions. First, when installing the floor to keep

the ground dry, smooth, clean. The key is particularly dry. If you do not install the keel, the direct laying should also confirm the ground is absolutely flat. In addition the same day laying the floor, other workers at home should be temporarily withdrawn. Second, the floor to be sent, you must open the package inspection, confirm the floor is

sent to order their own models. It is best to open the floor to see if there are quality problems. Carefully compare the color difference is not big, although the floor will inevitably have some color, but if the color is too large, feel unacceptable, you can reject, and timely contact with the seller to resolve as soon as possible. Do not wait for

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